Plantic Takes the Lead in Renewable Content

Plantic Technologies has achieved a global reputation as a leading innovator in bio-responsible solutions for the diverse needs of the plastics industry.

To complement our delivery of fully biodegradable plastics, we can meet the requirements of other sectors of the world market with a patented new product line composed of renewably sourced material that offers powerful benefits in environmental responsibility, performance capability, cost competitiveness and production efficiency. Looking for a sustainable solution to your needs?  Introducing eco Plastic™

The Advantages of ecoPlastic & trade

ecoPlastic has been designed to meet the growing world demand for a sustainable approach to plastics technology, based on a high content of renewable material that will reduce carbon emissions and deliver exceptional performance characteristics across a broad range of applications.

  • ecoPlastic contains up to 80% renewable content
  • ecoPlastic uses 25% less energy compared to conventional polymers
  • ecoPlastic significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • eco Plastic is compatible with conventional processing aids and colorants in Blown Film, Injection Moulding and Extrusion Blow Moulding applications

Changing the Nature of Plastics Worldwide

Plantic’s unique patented technology is based on the corn-starch derived amylose molecule, whose special chemical properties allow for a wide range of applications, including thermoforming, injection moulding, film extrusion and blow moulding, as well as rigid and flexible packaging, spraying, foaming and weaving.

Now with the introduction of eco Plastic™, we can more completely meet the diverse needs of the world market.  Whether the environmental emphasis is on biodegradability or sustainability and renewable content, everyone wants to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and increase production efficiency while achieving superior performance quality.

For more information on eco Plastic™ and how Plantic Technologies can work with you to meet your special requirements, please contact us.

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